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Welcome to Detroit's smartest conversation. Host Sven Gustafson and Daily Detroit explore our fine region one interesting person or topic at a time on the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast.
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Apr 25, 2017

This week on the podcast our guests are Pastor Aramis Hinds of the Breakers Covenant Church International and Rabbi Ariana Silverman of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. 

They're working to raise funds to renovate the historic Temple Beth El on Woodward Avenue into the Bethel Community Transformation Center (BCTC). It's a beautiful example of the Christian and Jewish communities coming together.

It's powered by a coalition of local clergy, community leaders, visionaries and builders joining forces to weave together the past and the future at BETHEL: a modern performing arts center, worship space, and community center all under one roof.

You can find more about the Kickstarter here:

Apr 20, 2017

Dave Phillips and Bob Waltenspiel are two of the folks behind IT in the D, the networking group / podcast / now helping with job training in Michigan.

Our host Sven Gustafson sat down and talked with them about their newest project and how exactly they got there. 

The group, founded as DetroitNet.Org, has grown into it's various forms through doing something rather straightforward - helping connect people to jobs and making sure people have fun while they do it.

Along the way, the pair of tech professionals (one a sales guy, one a tech guy) authored a series of wildly popular posts called "Don't Be That Guy," appeared on WDIV's Flashpoint, been honored by CNN Money, and now have Detroit's largest tech podcast that records on a Monday night (although they are modest about it, they do get hundreds of thousands of listens every week).

Now they have a podcast network in Podcast Detroit (which, full disclosure, The Daily Detroit Happy Hour is a small part of), and they're working with the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) to roll out technology job training first in Flint and then in areas around the state.

It's an interesting and entertaining interview with two Detroit change makers. Enjoy!

Apr 13, 2017

For $500, you could buy a house in Detroit. Or so how the story goes. Today our guest is Drew Philp, author, writer and house rehabber who joined us for a great conversation at Queens bar in Downtown Detroit about his new book, released by Scribner, A $500 House in Detroit: Rebuilding an Abandoned Home.

Philp inked the book deal after his viral Buzzfeed hit about his $500 house journey. Spoiler: It cost a lot more money and time than $500. But along the way, he learned just how amazing of a community Detroit can be.

So pull up a chair and take a listen to our best Daily Detroit Happy Hour yet.

Of course, thanks to our network, Podcast Detroit and to the readers of Daily Detroit who make this possible. 

You can Drew's book on Amazon here:

And you can subscribe to the Daily Detroit Happy Hour on iTunes here:

Apr 4, 2017

If you've been around Metro Detroit, the way you probably know Robin Schwartz is through her years on the air at Fox 2 News. A storyteller at heart, she's embarked on a new chapter of her career after a stint working for Dan Gilbert's Bedrock Real Estate Services.

Her PR venture has some very interesting clients like Mama Shu and the Avalon Village, the Downtown Boxing Gym and many more. She's helped get national attention and national stories placed with her prowess at knowing what a good story is. 

So enjoy as Sven Gustafson sits down with Robin Schwartz at the Urban Bean in downtown Detroit.