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Welcome to Detroit's smartest conversation. Host Sven Gustafson and Daily Detroit explore our fine region one interesting person or topic at a time on the Daily Detroit Happy Hour podcast.
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May 30, 2017

Detroit is in many ways becoming more and more of a biking city, along with other modes of transportation than just cars.

Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, joins our host Sven Gustafson at the legendary Locker Room Lounge on Livernois to talk all things biking. We touch on the popularity of the Dequindre Cut. The addition of protected bike lanes down Cass Avenue. Discuss plans for biking on the new Gordie Howe bridge. The potential impact of the new MoGo bike share. The Elmwood Cemetery connector - and a ton of other bike related topics. 

Thanks to the Locker Room Lounge for their hospitality and our network Podcast Detroit for their continued support. 

For more on the Detroit Greenways Coalition and their efforts to make Detroit a World Class City for Biking and Walking:

Special note: This week we're going to be up at the Mackinac Policy Conference. Be sure to follow for all the action. 

May 12, 2017

Airbnb in Detroit has become quite the thing, with a multi-million dollar economic impact for residents and their newest service, trips, where you can have an experienced Detroiter guide you through a variety of city experiences. 

Our host Sven Gustafson sat down with Nelson T. Sanders, Jr. and Tommie Robbins on the patio of Queens Bar to talk about their experiences. Sanders is your guide for an experience called "Sharp," that lives up to the name seeing places like Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Sugar House, and 1701 Bespoke. Robbins is a home host in the New Center area who has been able to supplement his teacher's income hosting guests from around the world. 

So sit back - enjoy - and these two guys will give you the real deal when it comes to Detroit. 

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May 3, 2017

Detroit's a city where locally made products can do really well and become a thing. One of those is Sfumato Fragrances, created by the Corktown-based husband and wife duo of Kevin Peterson and Jane Larson.

They're already at work on their new Midtown retail store, thanks to a $20,000 Motor City Match grant. Sven caught up with the pair at Queen's bar in Detroit and talked juggling a day job with your passion, how the idea for starting a company focused on fragrances came about, and the future. 

You can find Sfumato here at

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